Special Events

From time to time, Gold Crown will host a special event. The results will be posted here. Gold Crown is on the cutting edge in developing new promotions, inovative tournament  formats, and fresh concepts for billiard games. Currently, Gold Crown is working on a tournament format that has all the features of the perfect format. Players get a big play for their time, effort, and entry. Spectators are rewarded with a number of tournament highpoints. Seeding plays a roll in the placement of players on the chart. Finally, the field is reduced quickly when it is time to conclude the event and determine a champion. Gold Crown will hold trial tournaments for 8, 16, 32, and 64. Charts for 128 and 256 are  in the planning stage.

8-Man Regulation-Table Nine-Ball Challenge October 21, 2012 Results
32-Man Regulation-Table Nine-Ball Challenge January 27, 2013 Results
64-Man Regulation-Table Nine-Ball Challenge March 3, 2013 Results
16-Man Silver Medal Challenge March 24, 2013 Results
16-Man Bronze Medal Challenge April 7, 2013 Results
32-Man Bar-Table Nine-Ball Challenge April 27, 2013 Results
16-Team Tri-State Mixed Scotch-Doubles Bar-Table Eight-Ball Results