2017 Spring Tri-State Invitational Announced

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Friday night, and Saturday, April 21st & 22nd are the dates for the 8th Annual Spring Tri-State Nine-Ball Tournament. The added funds will be $5000 regardless of number of entries. The field will be limited to 32 players. The players meeting will be at 6:00 and all players are required to be present. A player auction will follow.

DETAILS: The entry fee is $100. There is no greens fee. Everyone should read the Late Player Policy at the link below. There is a dress code described on the flyer. Game rules are also detailed on the flyer.

FORMAT: The format is the same format utilized over the last four years. Our standard 32 man quadruple elimination preliminary bracket (6-5-5-4) will move 8 players forward. Those 8 players will then play in a 8 man single elimination championship bracket. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals will be races to 8.

SCHEDULE: The players meeting is at 6:00 and play will start shortly after 8:00 Friday night. Everyone will play at least 2 matches and should conclude around 11:30 or so. Play will resume at 10:30 Saturday morning. The preliminary rounds should wrap up around 6:00 Saturday night. The 8 remaining players will all receive prize money and will resume play in the Championship Bracket at around 7:00 Saturday Night. The bracket should wind down sometime around 11:00 Saturday Night.

PLAYER ENTRY RULES: Past winners are guaranteed a spot until March 27th. Top 100 ranked players have priority behind past winners. Factors considered for all other spots awarded are participation frequency, Break-Count Average, and tournament resume’.  All entries must be in by midnight Monday, April 17th. The field will be announced Tuesday online at 1:00 in the afternoon.

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